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6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA
  • 6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA

6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Minlong
Certification ISO9001
Product Details
Model NO.:
Cooling Method:
Water Cooling
Common Units
Excitation Mode:
AC Rotating Exciter
Silent Type Size:
Silent Type Weight:
Open Type Size:
2200× 1000× 1500(mm)
Open Type Weight:
High Light: 

Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset


90kw Cummins Diesel Genset

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wood case
Delivery Time
10-15 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
10000 set per week
Product Description

Product Description:

Modern Design Open Type Cummins Diesel Generator 56kVA 45kw 4BTA3.9-G2

Engine model 6BT5.9-G2
Generator model Stanford,S1L2-Y1
Enging Rated Power 90kVA 100kw
Standard configuration
General description:
  1. Engine:4BTA3.9-G11
  2. Meet ambient temperature radiator, belt drive cooling fan, fan safety cover
  3. 24VDC Charging generator
  4. generator:Single bearing generator, protection IP23, class H insulation
  5. Dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter
  6. Daily oil tank, shock absorber
  7. Standard control panel, floating charger, cylinder water preheater
  8. 2×12VDC Start battery and battery connection Cable.
  9. One set of smoke exhaust elbow, bellows, flange and silencer.
  10. Information on generator set usage
Generator parameters
Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) phase sequence Power factor Rated current(A) Generator Prime Power(kW/kVA)
400/230 50 3 0.8 144 90KW /112.5KVA
Relationship between engine power and altitude: if the altitude is above 1500 meters, the power will decrease by 4% every 300 meters.
Relationship between engine power and ambient temperature: the engine power is reduced by 3% for every 10 degrees above ambient temperature.
Sales commitment
The products provided are brand-new products, and each unit has undergone strict factory inspection.
All products provide warranty service.
The warranty period shall be 12 months after the unit passes the commissioning and acceptance or 1000 hours of cumulative operation, whichever expires first.
Engine parameters
Introduction of basic Parametes
Engine Model 6BT5.9-G2
Spray pattern PTDirect injection
Number/arrangement of cylinders 4/L
Displacement/L 3.9 L
Cylinder diameter × stroke(mm) 102*120(mm)
Rated speed rpm 1500
Engine standby power kW/KVA 100/125
Engine rated power kW/KVA 80
Speed regulating system Electron speed regulator
Generator parameters
Generator technical parameters
Generator Model MY POWER80-1-4/MY POWER 100-1-4.1
Phase sequence 3
Wiring method Three-phase four-wire, Y-type winding
Number of bearings 1
Power factor 0.8
The protection grades IP23
Altitude requirement ≤1000m
Field excitation Brushless self-excitation
Insulation Grade/Temperature Rise Grade H/H
Maximum overspeed 2250 rpm/min
Power 80KW/100KVA
Generator efficiency 95 %
Voltage 400V
Generator set parameters
Voltage setting range ≥±10%
Steady state voltage regulation rate 0.5%
Transient voltage deviation (100% sudden power reduction) ≤+17%
Transient Voltage Deviation (40% Sudden Power) ≤-6.5%
Voltage Stability Time (100% Sudden Power Reduction) 2.8S
Voltage Stability Time (40% Sudden Power) 2.5S
Frequency adjustment range ≥±5% Adjustble
Frequency volatility ≤±0.25%
Transient frequency deviation (100% sudden power reduction) ≤+8%
Transient frequency deviation (40% sudden power) ≤-5%
Frequency Recovery Time (100% Sudden Power Reduction) 1.48S
Frequency recovery time (40% sudden power) 1.35S
Quality Standard for Generator Sets
Diesel generator sets are designed, produced and tested strictly in accordance with the standards and can be used in various environments, meeting the following relevant standards:
Atlas of Engine Parts and Original Factory Data Generator Unit Maintenance Record Manual
Generator factory information Installation and Operation Manual of Generator Set
Original factory data of control system Acceptance Form for Installation and Commissioning of Generator Sets
Original Factory Test Report of Generator Set Certificate of Origin of Generator Set
Optional accessories
Engine Generator Electrical system
Intermediate water heating
Anti-condensation heater
Anti-condensation heater
Oil preheater
Permanent magnet excitation system(PMG)
Unit control screen with three remote functions
Air starting motor
Voltage Sag (Parallel)
ATS automatic load transfer screen
Heavy Air Filter for Desert
Generators of other temperature rise grades
Full-automatic parallel screen for multiple units
Heavy duty secondary muffler
RTD temperature sensor, 2 per phase
Remote control system separate from unit
Fuel system Other Cooling system
Base tank
Rain-proof unit
Split water tank
Oil - water separator
Static sound box generator set
Remote water tank
Fully automatic oil supply system
Vehicle-mounted power generation vehicl
Heat exchanger and external circulation cooling tower
Buried fuel tank
Towing generator set
Marine cooling system



6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA 0

1. High quality: use high-quality materials, establish a strict quality control system, and assign special personnel to be responsible for each production link from raw material procurement to assembly.
2. Professional R & D center: we employ designers with 15 years of working experience in diesel generator set industry and have been constantly improving our products.
3. Fast delivery: many goods are in stock and can be delivered within 5-15 days of placing an order.
4. Accept small orders: accept low minimum order quantity. One is available.


6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA 1The picture display of the Cummins open type unit shows that every time we leave the factory, we undergo full load testing to ensure that the machine can be quickly used by customers.




6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA 2The picture display of Cummins silent unit shows that we have a complete installation process and factory debugging system. Can achieve perfect factory delivery.





6bt5.9-G2 Machinery Cummins Diesel Genset 90kw 112.5kVA 3


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